Say “NO” to Walmart Credit

By Sean | July 21, 2015

Here’s why. I was petitioned so relentlessly by the friendly cashier to get a Walmart card. I don’t really need another card but they kept offering their bonus and “it will only take 2 minutes” “yada yada”. So after about 20 minutes I had finally finished the application and got home late for dinner.

About a month later (last night) I try to use the newly activated card and it get DECLINED EIGHT TIMES in a row. They told me it may be declined a time or two on a new activation but not EIGHT times in a row. Nobody at Walmart knew what to do. The attendants in “Customer Service” were even exasperated with me. Meanwhile I’m still feeling stupid for so many declines in front of staff and customers. I’m over 50 and good credit still means something to me.

Customer service calls the number on the back of my card AMD SHE ASKS FOR MY PIN NUMBER!!! Of course I said “no”. She then handed me the phone so I could enter it myself. I can only imagine how many unsuspecting people actually give out their pin#.

After dealing with customer service WHO WERE UNABLE TO SOLVE the debacle so I paid with a different card and went home.

Then I called the credit card company. THEY BLAMED ME FOR THE PROBLEM!!!

They said it was because I tried to pay for the merchandise I bought with the new card. They put a security hold on it because I FOLLOWED THE WALMART STAFF INSTRUCTIONS. The cashier that signed me up took the new approval and put my purchase on the card. I didn’t do that. The cashier did that. She said I could put the purchase on the new card. It didn’t go through so I bought it with a different card.

Then, last night, when I called Walmart to fix the problem they said “Someone tried to use your card for a 300.00 purchase right after you got the card”. I told them that it was the Walmart Cashier that told me to charge the new purchase on the new card. They did not think that the cashier would have advised me to do that. They blame me for what the cashier tried to do.

In the end they offered to take the card off credit hold but I declined. AFter wasting so much of my time and the humiliation and false accusations of the staff I don’t want that card to ever work. Eventually they’ll cancel it due to permanent credit hold.


I’m thinking that Walmart’s unofficial motto behind the counter at customer service is:

“We’re not happy till you’re not happy”.

What do you think?

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G-Force Chips Honest Review

By Sean | February 23, 2013

It’s time for an update on G-Force Chips. Since I made the original post here at this link I’ve received many comments and surprise “None of them were favorable”.

I’ve seen numerous sites where these chips have been dismantled only to find a single chip inside with the two wires only using a particular resistor on the chip.

The only possible thing this can accomplish is to trick your automobiles computer into thinking it is getting either too much or too little air. While that could in some cases alter gas mileage the most likely thing it will do is make your mixture run too rich or too lean. Too rich and you get a bit more power but lower gas mileage and increased wear and tear on your engine. Too lean and you risk increased wear and reduced performance.

This G-Force chip is not smarter than most automobiles which are already optimized by the manufacturer to maximize gas mileage. In fact newer vehicles, especially more expensive ones, will even determine what octane your fuel is and adjust the mixture and timing to accommodate the change in fuel. This is what my Volvo technician told me when I discussed what the best fuel was for my XC90.

I’m very sorry I tested the G-Force chip because the chip has little insulation piercing clips that cut through the insulation on your wires and nick the tiny stranded wires inside the cable, even breaking them prematurely. It seems inevitable that reduced wire life through corrosion is probably inevitable. Compromised by the cuts in your wires that control air/fuel mixtures — after you install the G-force chip.

I’m convinced that most reports of lower mileage are due to people driving better after buying the chip and not from the chip itself. In fact I don’t believe any of the claims about these chips. On their web site they currently post an increase of up to 30 hp.

If there is any truth to this claim it was probably an engine that was getting a bad mixture before installing the chip. Instead of first tuning up the engine they probably installed the chip in order to gain a fake increase in power. However any increase in power could still be effected by having your mechanic optimize the mixture during a computerized checkup and probably cost no more than the service would cost anyway. Changing air fuel ratio’s should only be done by a qualified service technician who knows the limits of what can or should be done to your vehicle.

Do not trust your expensive ride to one lousy (static) resistor that interferes with your engines original design. That’s right this resistor they send you has no intelligence to monitor your vehicles performance whatsoever. It is static not dynamic and therefore cannot adjust or interact with your air/fuel regulator at all.

It is not worth the risk and my even void your engine warranty. These guys at G-Force have been known to sell chips to people with vehicles that don’t even have computers. Vehicles that could not possibly benefit from it.

Read the comments at the link I provided if you want more testimonials from others who’ve been scammed by G-Force Chips.

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Consumer Services

By Sean | December 13, 2012

I received several calls today from a company calling themselves Consumer Services alleging they were going to save me money on interest rates on my credit cards. I got tired of being awoken by the ringing each time they called and decided to quit hanging up on them and find out what they were about.

This was especially concerning to me because my phone number is listed in the “do not call registry” at and I’d like to report companies who bother me with their calls in spite of the registry.

When I pushed the right button to talk to a live person about this wonderful interest saving offer I began by mentioning that since they were contacting me about my personal financial information I needed to know Read the rest of this entry »

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Lenczner Slaght — is it often pronounced “slut”?

By Sean | October 30, 2012

Anyone who has followed the well known fraud committed by Ecuadorian officials against Chevron have seen the videos of Steven Donziger caught on camera openly plotting judicial malfeasance; including threatening judges, staging fake protests to strike fear into the judges, creating fake studies, and openly laughing at the corruption they plotted — has found a bedfellow in Canada to promote his brand of money getting.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the 18 billion dollar judgment against Chevron is fraudulent and despite the preliminary rulings of American judges a Canadian Legal firm known as Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 100 WordPress Plugins for Marketers

By Sean | June 22, 2012

I’m posting this because many of my friends are marketers and also use WordPress as their website development platform.

Since plugins are a big part of WordPress Functionality I’d recommend taking a look at this link in case there are some useful ones you can add to your site to make it more functional.

The Top 100 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers



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Harassed by telemarketing — CTI Group in Orange County?

By Sean | August 24, 2011

To be permanently removed from their calling list contact them at: CTI, a division of VICTORY TRADING, located at 3857 Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660 phone 323-348-4766, General Manager Mark Bishop.

I had a hard time tracking down the company that owns them. They are notorious for telemarketing aggressively to people to invest in their Read the rest of this entry »

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Make a 25,000 Charitable Donation Without Spending any Money!

By Sean | May 20, 2011

Something worth doing:

Here is a totally cool way to begin doing something really worth doing that will put 25,000.00 into an amazing program for teaching music to kids who could otherwise die at the wrong end of a needle.

How would you like to ensure that a great group of youth Read the rest of this entry »

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Gforce Chips Scam?

By Sean | April 11, 2011

I can’t tell if this company is a total scam or if they singled me out for bad treatment. What I can talk about is my experience with them and hope to warn anyone who tries to do business with them to be careful or just avoid them altogether.

1. I ordered the chip and it actually took longer than the two weeks they promised to have it ready.
2. Then another two weeks shipping by US mail from Southern to Northern California.
3. They claim the chip takes minutes to install and that anyone can do it. I say baloney. I had to disassemble the intake manifold just to get to the sensor I had to connect the wires to. The instructions did not look anything like my vehicle — even though they claim the reason it takes so long to get the product ready is due to having to “custom make it” for my vehicle. The instructions I got were not even remotely close to being customized to my vehicle.
4. I emailed tech support for help and he wrote back making a sarcastic comment. Not wanting to engage his combativeness I wrote back addressing the tech issue and simply said “regarding your other comment — what are you talking about”. He wrote back indicating that he was upset about how many complaints he gets about the company but can do nothing about so he unloaded on me. We got along OK after that.
5. After installing the chip I looked forward to seeing a change in performance and gas mileage — something they advertise. I did not get the slightest change in gas mileage or performance even though they advertise about 20 percent or more. The tech support guy thought the unit may be defective.
6. I called back on the telephone line to discuss my options. I mentioned that the original sales guy assured me that if I bought the unit and was unhappy and returned it within two weeks of receiving it I’d be credited back the price of the unit plus the postage to return it.
7. I returned the chip and got a refund.
8. As a conciliatory gesture — Gforce chips sent out another chip free of charge for me to install and test. Thanks guys that was appreciated.
9. I installed and tested it. I’m sure it was installed correctly and was certainly installed exactly to their second tier support guidance.
10. Still no difference in performance or mileage economy.
11. I recently did a web search on Gforce chips and found a lot of evidence from people that tested them and got no results. However almost all the sites were selling something so the reviews were possibly biased.
12. The result in inconclusive but I can say the chip did not work for me. However Gforce chips did give me a refund and a free chip to try and if it worked for me — that I’d have to pay for it.

Bottom line. Can anyone give me a reliable and unbiased source to check with that has independently tested these performance chips?


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Annoy Customers – Lesson From MBNA

By Sean | December 8, 2010

I called MBNA one of my credit card providers to sort out a problem I’d become aware of.

The representative I spoke with did something so common in the marketplace that most of us tend to think a business is in the right when they accuse us of a crime or of lying without evidence to support it.

The simplest example of this was when I tried to return a mop to a grocery store in California. I had the receipt somewhere my car but didn’t want the hassle of searching for it.

She demanded that I produce a receipt insisting that I may be lying about where I bought it. I turned to the cashier and said “you know me” and looked her in the eye. She intervened and they gave me the refund.

What astonished me is not that they had a policy of “no receipt no refund” — because that doesn’t accuse anyone of anything — it’s just a policy. What I find unpleasant is when employees suggest that I might be defrauding them and that I must prove my innocence before they’ll help me.

And this is what an MBNA employee did yesterday. She cast doubt on whether or not I’d actually received a letter they’d sent even though I told her otherwise. Why is our society so prone to accusing people without probable cause (some kind of evidence) that you actually did something wrong?

Why are we prone to accepting that sort of communication from people as a reasonable argument? What they are essentially saying is “because you cannot prove your innocence the reasonable default position is that you are guilty”.

In our society we “say” that justice is best served by presuming innocence unless compelling evidence of guilt exists. But why do we act otherwise? Even my own family members have been prone to believe they have a right to presume guilt because they have a suspicion someone is guilty.

The press and other media promote “guilt by suspicion” making billions from it every day. Yet there is not one of us wants that done to us — why do we do it to customers who trusted us with their money?

Isn’t the fact that they trusted us with their money sufficient to give them the benefit of the doubt when there is reasonable doubt?

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Boycott Hostage Advertising…

By Sean | December 3, 2010

I don’t know about you but I watch enough Youtube and other videos on various sites to know what I like and don’t like.

The most irritating thing to me is the increasing trend toward forcing me to watch a 12 to 30 second video advertisement before they let me see the video I clicked on to watch. To add insult to injury after being forced to watch the advertisement I may not even like the video I see afterward — which is a double slap in the face. I’ve not only wasted my time on the advertisement I care nothing about I then find that my time was wasted even watching the video much less tolerating the advertising.

I have therefore made it a policy to instantly click away from any and all video ads that I’m forced to view before being given access to the content I was promised.

Please join me in doing so. Unless the public (that’s you and I) refuse to watch these ads they will only increase. If we refuse to watch them it won’t be long and the analytic software they use will notice that people are refusing to have their time wasted by that form of advertising.

Stop being so hypnotized by video and technology that you don’t draw the line somewhere and realize that you have the power to change the mind of video display sites that push these ads. Such sites are only on the increase so let’s stop this trend before it gets a bigger foothold.

These sites already make obscene amounts of money from all the other forms of advertising that inundates us at these sites. They don’t actually need to have the “hostage ads” in order to continue making obscene amounts of money.

The only reason this kind of advertising is on the increase is because people don’t value their time and attention sufficiently to click away and find something that does not hold them hostage to an unwanted advertisement.

Value your time. The older you get the more you will wish you had not traded your time to advertisers who value your time more than you do.

They pay to have you give them some of your time to watch these ads. Are you getting any of that money? You should be but you’re not so refuse to watch them.

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