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Boycott Hostage Advertising…

By Sean | December 3, 2010

I don’t know about you but I watch enough Youtube and other videos on various sites to know what I like and don’t like.

The most irritating thing to me is the increasing trend toward forcing me to watch a 12 to 30 second video advertisement before they let me see the video I clicked on to watch. To add insult to injury after being forced to watch the advertisement I may not even like the video I see afterward — which is a double slap in the face. I’ve not only wasted my time on the advertisement I care nothing about I then find that my time was wasted even watching the video much less tolerating the advertising.

I have therefore made it a policy to instantly click away from any and all video ads that I’m forced to view before being given access to the content I was promised.

Please join me in doing so. Unless the public (that’s you and I) refuse to watch these ads they will only increase. If we refuse to watch them it won’t be long and the analytic software they use will notice that people are refusing to have their time wasted by that form of advertising.

Stop being so hypnotized by video and technology that you don’t draw the line somewhere and realize that you have the power to change the mind of video display sites that push these ads. Such sites are only on the increase so let’s stop this trend before it gets a bigger foothold.

These sites already make obscene amounts of money from all the other forms of advertising that inundates us at these sites. They don’t actually need to have the “hostage ads” in order to continue making obscene amounts of money.

The only reason this kind of advertising is on the increase is because people don’t value their time and attention sufficiently to click away and find something that does not hold them hostage to an unwanted advertisement.

Value your time. The older you get the more you will wish you had not traded your time to advertisers who value your time more than you do.

They pay to have you give them some of your time to watch these ads. Are you getting any of that money? You should be but you’re not so refuse to watch them.

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