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Gforce Chips Scam?

By Sean | April 11, 2011

I can’t tell if this company is a total scam or if they singled me out for bad treatment. What I can talk about is my experience with them and hope to warn anyone who tries to do business with them to be careful or just avoid them altogether.

1. I ordered the chip and it actually took longer than the two weeks they promised to have it ready.
2. Then another two weeks shipping by US mail from Southern to Northern California.
3. They claim the chip takes minutes to install and that anyone can do it. I say baloney. I had to disassemble the intake manifold just to get to the sensor I had to connect the wires to. The instructions did not look anything like my vehicle — even though they claim the reason it takes so long to get the product ready is due to having to “custom make it” for my vehicle. The instructions I got were not even remotely close to being customized to my vehicle.
4. I emailed tech support for help and he wrote back making a sarcastic comment. Not wanting to engage his combativeness I wrote back addressing the tech issue and simply said “regarding your other comment — what are you talking about”. He wrote back indicating that he was upset about how many complaints he gets about the company but can do nothing about so he unloaded on me. We got along OK after that.
5. After installing the chip I looked forward to seeing a change in performance and gas mileage — something they advertise. I did not get the slightest change in gas mileage or performance even though they advertise about 20 percent or more. The tech support guy thought the unit may be defective.
6. I called back on the telephone line to discuss my options. I mentioned that the original sales guy assured me that if I bought the unit and was unhappy and returned it within two weeks of receiving it I’d be credited back the price of the unit plus the postage to return it.
7. I returned the chip and got a refund.
8. As a conciliatory gesture — Gforce chips sent out another chip free of charge for me to install and test. Thanks guys that was appreciated.
9. I installed and tested it. I’m sure it was installed correctly and was certainly installed exactly to their second tier support guidance.
10. Still no difference in performance or mileage economy.
11. I recently did a web search on Gforce chips and found a lot of evidence from people that tested them and got no results. However almost all the sites were selling something so the reviews were possibly biased.
12. The result in inconclusive but I can say the chip did not work for me. However Gforce chips did give me a refund and a free chip to try and if it worked for me — that I’d have to pay for it.

Bottom line. Can anyone give me a reliable and unbiased source to check with that has independently tested these performance chips?


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