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Make a 25,000 Charitable Donation Without Spending any Money!

By Sean | May 20, 2011

Something worth doing:

Here is a totally cool way to begin doing something really worth doing that will put 25,000.00 into an amazing program for teaching music to kids who could otherwise die at the wrong end of a needle.

How would you like to ensure that a great group of youth who have been learning music as a way to develop confidence and self esteem while enshrining the belief they can actually be somebody?

Would you spend 5 minutes of your time to see that happen?

It is so easy! All you need to do is visit a web site and vote for them to get the funding. They have already qualified as finalists in their area and are currently the number one candidate for the funding. However YOUR VOTE will keep them on top and see them through to the 25,000 prize.

That’s ALL I’m asking you to do. No back end sales pitch. I’m not asking you to join my mailing list or even acknowledge that I exist. Just take a few moments of your time to vote for them at the link I provide below. In fact if you don’t have time to read this entire post now just click on this link:


and go vote for them by clicking on the “vote” button and following the instructions.

THAT’s IT! All you have to do is click the link and vote for them once a day each day for the next two weeks. The first time you click the link to vote they require you to confirm your vote by email verification. After that you can vote once per day every day without having to keep verifying.

Every vote you provide will get them a step closer to them receiving 25,000.00 for their youth program. The great news is that this program is sponsored by “The Keg” restaurant chain. They are giving away a million dollars in 25k amounts to various charitable efforts who have challenged their contest.

Why do I think this is so worthwhile?

Let me tell you a quick story:

I recently met a woman at a store my wife and I were visiting whom I immediately recognized was most likely an accomplished musician because was whistling a jazz riff to a song playing on the store radio.

Long story short: She was trying to make sure her son was not developing too many friends who were likely to lead him into trouble. Instead of trying to control her son’s behavior she instead decided to take action and partnered with the local government sponsored youth center to get space where she could teach these kids, many of them domestically challenged by violence or drugs, how to play music and also how to play as a band.

She mentioned that they jam every Sunday from noon to 4 pm and that we should check it out.

I checked it out the very next Sunday and was amazed at how well these guys played. Keep in mind that a year ago this program did not exist and I’m standing there listening to some talented young musicians who can play and sound pretty decent — some of whom didn’t play any instruments a year ago.

One day a week for four hours over the course of a few months can make a positive impact on a kids life forever.

They are already teaching these kids to teach music to other kids. I’ve been there, spoken to these guys, and have been looking for ways to help them.

Last Sunday when they told me about this opportunity to win a 25,000 grant. The spirit of these two women who run this place was amazing. They are not waiting around to “see if” they win this. They are moving ahead regardless. You can’t buy that kind of dedication.

I want to make it clear that there is no commercial upside to this for me or any of these people. The youth center provides food for these kids so your vote will go towards the purchase of lasting assets. Period!

Further I want to be clear that nobody will solicit you for donations or other involvement. The only thing I want you to do is go and vote. Even if for some twisted reason you don’t care whether these kids get the 25k then please just do it (if you know me) as a favor for me.

Here is the link:


Just click the link above and it will take you to the page.

1. Click on the “Vote” button about 1/2 way down the page on the left side of the link.

2. Fill in your email addy and name and you’ll be sent a link in your email to click to verify that you’re a legitimate voter. Also watch for the check boxes in case you don’t want the Keg sending you their promotional emails.

3. Read their story on the voting page to learn more about their work.

Once you’ve verified your email address your first vote is counted. Be sure if you forget the link when you vote the next day to just come back to this post and click the link here again so that you can continue voting each day for the next couple weeks.

Also please feel free to copy and forward this article or at least the link to anyone you know that may want to help these guys.



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