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Harassed by telemarketing — CTI Group in Orange County?

By Sean | August 24, 2011

To be permanently removed from their calling list contact them at: CTI, a division of VICTORY TRADING, located at 3857 Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660 phone 323-348-4766, General Manager Mark Bishop.

I had a hard time tracking down the company that owns them. They are notorious for telemarketing aggressively to people to invest in their trading schemes. Usually it’s commodities but more recently robotic S&P systems, and so on.

Too Many Unpleasant Calls
I’ve been inundated with calls from them for years — repeatedly asking their reps to take me off of their calling list. I’ve continued to get calls and numerous times tried to locate them to file a complaint or even take them to small claims for harassment.

Recently I was able to get their actual office phone number. 323 348 4766. I spoke with a rather combative person. She advised me that she would put my number on the “permanent do not call” list.

She also mentioned that they had honored all my previous requests for removal from their calling list but that they rotated my number back in every six months. I told her that I could not have been removed from their calling list because I’d gotten plenty of calls during the last six months from them.

She seemed of the opinion that I’d brought this on myself by not contacting her sooner. I advised her that they were hiding behind CTI as a front for their real business. She became very emotional at that point shouting “you are just full of accusations”.

Now Why Would We Do That?
I replied that it was an accusation but a reasonable one since all my web searches had not until today turned up a real phone number I could call them at. I further pointed out that if they were an honorable company they would publish the CTI company on the internet with a phone number so that people who were being harassed by their telemarketers could just call them. Her defensive and emotional reply “Why would we do that?”.

I was astonished that she didn’t seem to have any clue what I’d just told her. I tried again to explain that it would help people find them who were being harassed by their telemarketers. She adamantly denied their telemarketers were bothering anyone.

Complaints About Them
I mentioned the thousands of complaints littered around the internet. She explained that is was just ex-employees who were doing that and not the public. She further threatened that she could post bad things about me on the internet and that I would not be able to do anything about it. It was a bit disconcerting to be threatened so boldly by the company that had continually badgered me with unwanted telephone calls.

I also pointed out that the complaints that I found posted all over the internet were people complaining about being treated exactly the way I’d been treated. No ex-employee would have a motivation to pretend to be thousands of different people only to say they were being harassed by telemarketers. An ex-employee would be more likely to talk about the half truths they were telling people in order to sell risky financial instruments, or to talk about hiring and firing practices, or internal polices that were not favoring the customer.

Aren’t I doing them a favor by calling them to get off their list? Aren’t I preventing them from wasting their efforts? Why would they want to continue calling me and why would this woman I spoke to be so combative about the problem?

What do they have to gain by continuing to call me? Personally I think it’s vindictive of them to keep calling once someone has objected to them calling so many times. There is no other rational explanation I can think of other than vindictiveness. Kind of like “OK you don’t want to buy from us — we’ll punish you for that”. I know I’ve experienced that attitude from their sales people when they’ve called and I’ve said no.

Speculation Aside
Anyway if you’ve been getting calls from numbers like 949 752 2368 identifying themselves as CTI then call Victory Trading at 323 348 4766 and require them to permanently stop calling you.

CTI, a division of VICTORY TRADING, located at 3857 Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660 phone 323-348-4766, General Manager Mark Bishop.

Hopefully posting this will provide the means for others to more easily find them and get off their “call incessantly” telemarketing list.

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