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Consumer Services

By Sean | December 13, 2012

I received several calls today from a company calling themselves Consumer Services alleging they were going to save me money on interest rates on my credit cards. I got tired of being awoken by the ringing each time they called and decided to quit hanging up on them and find out what they were about.

This was especially concerning to me because my phone number is listed in the “do not call registry” at http://donotcall.gov and I’d like to report companies who bother me with their calls in spite of the registry.

When I pushed the right button to talk to a live person about this wonderful interest saving offer I began by mentioning that since they were contacting me about my personal financial information I needed to know some things about them:

1. What company is this? [Consumer Services]
2. Who am I speaking with [Tasha]
3. What city is your firm located in? [Florida]
4. Again I’d like to know what city your firm is in. [Eventually told me “Orlando” after much back and forth]
5. What is your company’s address? [She replied that it is not my job to qualify her but her job to qualify me]
7. It is my job to determine who I’m speaking to about my personal financial information. [You’re wrong it’s not your job to ask about my firm]
8. You’re calling about my personal financial information and telling me it is not my job to verify that you are legitimate? [“Click” Tasha hung up on me] So sad I was just getting started.

Whenever a company calls you to offer you any benefits that have to do with banking and wants to discuss ANY aspect of your personal financial situation — Be sure to get all the information you can about a company (like I did above) and don’t stop until you’ve got their company name, address, phone number, head office location, and if they don’t give you answers when you first ask — Do not give them any personal information.

Any hesitation of theirs to answer your questions so that you can identify them should be met with a renewed interest in identifying them so you can report them at the very least. More unscrupulous companies would have answers ready but you should never give your personal information without verifying their identity to the point where you can call and verify that they are the company they say they are.

If you cannot call them back at their company (many legit companies do not permit their telemarketers to be called) — you can always ask them to call you back in 10 minutes or call you back the next day AFTER you’ve had a chance to research their company a bit and determine their legitimacy at the very least by calling their head office and asking if the telemarketing call is legit.

I know that the so called “Consumer Services” from Orlando Florida is not likely to be legit because their operators are afraid to give out their company’s information. Why should they be afraid of my knowing who they are? You guessed it. If you can identify them and contact them AFTER they sell you something or convince you to give them your valuable personal information — you’ll try to get your money back and they don’t want that.

Legit companies spend billions to get people to know who their company is, where it is, what it offers, and are more than happy to have people be aware of them and be able to contact them because they expect the majority of people will like their offers and spend more with them.

Fraudsters and companies who promote bad value KNOW that pretty much everyone who does business with them will discover they’ve gotten either bad value or no value and will try to contact the company to make it right.

Scam artists know that you will hate them the moment you find out what you really bought and they NEVER want to hear from you again because they will NEVER make it right with you unless forced to by a judge. The harder it is for you to get to them the easier it is to avoid having you sue them or report them for fraud.

Legitimate companies will not only encourage you to check them out — they will help you to do so — because they know that if you are interested enough to check them out you are probably interested in doing business with them. All the more reason for them to help you. They know that if you verify their legitimacy you are 100 times more likely to do business with them because you have invested your time and energy to verify they are legit and once you do so — trust is established. A legit company wants to gain your trust by legitimate means because they are trying to make you a lifetime satisfied customer.

They also know that customers who are educated enough to apply verification procedures before trusting them with personal information are likely to be more financially able to spend money with them. You are a gold mine to legit companies.

Bullshit companies want to get your money with “too good to be true” offers but don’t want you to have any way to come back on them. They also want you to believe that you have to let them control the call or you won’t get what you want. That is the stupid line Tasha tried on me by telling me that “it is not my job to verify them but her job to verify me.”

Tasha must be used to dealing with very stupid people or perhaps is not much of a thinker herself. If she had any amount of intelligence she’d have known better than to make a statement like that. Imagine a company trying to convince me that it is not my job to protect my own wealth. No legitimate company in the world would try to convince anyone that it is not their job to protect their own money.

A legitimate company wants to help you protect your own money so that you’ll give them business for years to come. A stupid company knows that they’ll only have one shot at you because once you find out you’ve been scammed you’ll never buy from them again. They also know that 100 percent of the people who deal with them are dissatisfied. The majority of clients will move on if it is too hard to track them down and they depend on that.

Everything in their marketing campaigns is designed to prevent you from getting your money’s worth because their business model is to NOT satisfy you by promising things they cannot do. They know that you are guaranteed not to be satisfied if you deal with them. If they don’t keep their internal promise to rip you off they don’t make enough money because they are too greedy to do the hard work of providing value. They want to charge a lot for nothing at all — or at the very most give you way less than they are charging you for.

They don’t want you to identify them or be able to get hold of them because they know they would never be able to deal with all the complaints and law suits they’d get if you ever found out about them.

Don’t allow your own greed to cut corners when dealing with any company that wants your money or your personal information. Not even your address or phone number until you’ve verified the authenticity of their offer.

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