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G-Force Chips Honest Review

By Sean | February 23, 2013

It’s time for an update on G-Force Chips. Since I made the original post here at this link I’ve received many comments and surprise “None of them were favorable”.

I’ve seen numerous sites where these chips have been dismantled only to find a single chip inside with the two wires only using a particular resistor on the chip.

The only possible thing this can accomplish is to trick your automobiles computer into thinking it is getting either too much or too little air. While that could in some cases alter gas mileage the most likely thing it will do is make your mixture run too rich or too lean. Too rich and you get a bit more power but lower gas mileage and increased wear and tear on your engine. Too lean and you risk increased wear and reduced performance.

This G-Force chip is not smarter than most automobiles which are already optimized by the manufacturer to maximize gas mileage. In fact newer vehicles, especially more expensive ones, will even determine what octane your fuel is and adjust the mixture and timing to accommodate the change in fuel. This is what my Volvo technician told me when I discussed what the best fuel was for my XC90.

I’m very sorry I tested the G-Force chip because the chip has little insulation piercing clips that cut through the insulation on your wires and nick the tiny stranded wires inside the cable, even breaking them prematurely. It seems inevitable that reduced wire life through corrosion is probably inevitable. Compromised by the cuts in your wires that control air/fuel mixtures — after you install the G-force chip.

I’m convinced that most reports of lower mileage are due to people driving better after buying the chip and not from the chip itself. In fact I don’t believe any of the claims about these chips. On their web site they currently post an increase of up to 30 hp.

If there is any truth to this claim it was probably an engine that was getting a bad mixture before installing the chip. Instead of first tuning up the engine they probably installed the chip in order to gain a fake increase in power. However any increase in power could still be effected by having your mechanic optimize the mixture during a computerized checkup and probably cost no more than the service would cost anyway. Changing air fuel ratio’s should only be done by a qualified service technician who knows the limits of what can or should be done to your vehicle.

Do not trust your expensive ride to one lousy (static) resistor that interferes with your engines original design. That’s right this resistor they send you has no intelligence to monitor your vehicles performance whatsoever. It is static not dynamic and therefore cannot adjust or interact with your air/fuel regulator at all.

It is not worth the risk and my even void your engine warranty. These guys at G-Force have been known to sell chips to people with vehicles that don’t even have computers. Vehicles that could not possibly benefit from it.

Read the comments at the link I provided if you want more testimonials from others who’ve been scammed by G-Force Chips.

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