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Say “NO” to Walmart Credit

By Sean | July 21, 2015

Here’s why. I was petitioned so relentlessly by the friendly cashier to get a Walmart card. I don’t really need another card but they kept offering their bonus and “it will only take 2 minutes” “yada yada”. So after about 20 minutes I had finally finished the application and got home late for dinner.

About a month later (last night) I try to use the newly activated card and it get DECLINED EIGHT TIMES in a row. They told me it may be declined a time or two on a new activation but not EIGHT times in a row. Nobody at Walmart knew what to do. The attendants in “Customer Service” were even exasperated with me. Meanwhile I’m still feeling stupid for so many declines in front of staff and customers. I’m over 50 and good credit still means something to me.

Customer service calls the number on the back of my card AMD SHE ASKS FOR MY PIN NUMBER!!! Of course I said “no”. She then handed me the phone so I could enter it myself. I can only imagine how many unsuspecting people actually give out their pin#.

After dealing with customer service WHO WERE UNABLE TO SOLVE the debacle so I paid with a different card and went home.

Then I called the credit card company. THEY BLAMED ME FOR THE PROBLEM!!!

They said it was because I tried to pay for the merchandise I bought with the new card. They put a security hold on it because I FOLLOWED THE WALMART STAFF INSTRUCTIONS. The cashier that signed me up took the new approval and put my purchase on the card. I didn’t do that. The cashier did that. She said I could put the purchase on the new card. It didn’t go through so I bought it with a different card.

Then, last night, when I called Walmart to fix the problem they said “Someone tried to use your card for a 300.00 purchase right after you got the card”. I told them that it was the Walmart Cashier that told me to charge the new purchase on the new card. They did not think that the cashier would have advised me to do that. They blame me for what the cashier tried to do.

In the end they offered to take the card off credit hold but I declined. AFter wasting so much of my time and the humiliation and false accusations of the staff I don’t want that card to ever work. Eventually they’ll cancel it due to permanent credit hold.


I’m thinking that Walmart’s unofficial motto behind the counter at customer service is:

“We’re not happy till you’re not happy”.

What do you think?

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