By Sean | September 7, 2010

I just read a cool post about being who you are. The link is here.

I personally enjoyed some genuine thoughts from a guy who’s done very well at marketing but who does not seem to have bought into being someone else in the process.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve allowed some other marketers to post articles in this blog that I did not write. I did it as an experiment. I wanted to add content from other sources because I didn’t always have something to say and I thought it might be nice to give you some content that didn’t come from me. I didn’t find the articles very good in general because they had no personality. While that experiment was a good idea in principle I’m not going to let people I don’t know create articles for me anymore.

From now on if I let writers post articles here it’ll only be people I know. Thanks to Jason Moffat for reminding me to keep it real.

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Addressing Your Depression

By ContentAuthor | August 2, 2010

Depression is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans.  This is a condition that will lead a person to disruption in their life.  It can interfere with their family life, their work and their own sense of self.

There are several things that you need to know when it comes to depression. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that depression is not just in your head. This is a condition that can actually make the rest of your body not function Read the rest of this entry »

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Relationship – Communications Strategies For a Road Trip

By ContentAuthor | July 30, 2010

Haven’t we all wanted to hit the open road at some stage in our lives? Just get out there and follow the long white line to who knows where; wind in your hair and a smile on your face, free as a bird. Sounds great and there’s no reason why your dreams shouldn’t come to fruition, but there’s a little voice inside your head that won’t be silenced: “What if something happens? What if someone needs me? What if I need someone else?” There’s no need to silence the warrior within; you CAN have your adventure, just make sure you set some communications strategies in place to keep you covered in an emergency like these ones…

You’re about three days into your epic road journey and things are going great (even your cactus bite is healing nicely). You decide to pull into a nice motel and treat yourself to a soft bed and a large steak. As you sign the register and the clerk asks for your credit card, your stomach sinks as the realisation hits that the last time you remember seeing it was when you were using it to flick a giant scorpion off the back seat of the car – and that was three states and 400 windows-wound-down miles back. Just as well you’d set communications strategies in place between your Mum and your bank account and all it takes is one quick call (well ok, it’s your mother; not so quick) and your card is cancelled and there’s $500 wired to the Fedex down the road.

You finally made it to Vegas and you’re living it up on the money your Mum wired when, suddenly, in the blink of an eye you glance across the room and fall in love! After a few hours using some of your best-practiced communications strategies for romance, you and the object of your affection are pledging undying love and heading to the Little Chapel of Love for a quickie wedding ceremony overseen by Elvis. Ain’t love grand?

Fast-forward three years and two kids later and your little Nevada Rose is definitely beginning to exhibit some thorns. There’s never any time for the two of you and you’re wondering if some of the magic is beginning to fade. But in truth, yours is destined to be a happily-ever-after road trip story and you know it’s worth putting up a fight to save your marriage.

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Vitamins for Your Eye

By ContentAuthor | July 30, 2010

Eye vitamins include vitamins A, C, E, B2 and they usually work in combination with minerals like zinc and selenium. They are essential for visual health and the prevention of specific disease. Eye vitamins are inexpensive and they are available as over the counter medication. Even so, the administration of eye vitamins and any other supplements should not be taken lightly because of the risks of side effects and possible other drug interferences.

In more modern supplements, traditional eye vitamins are also combined with the popular lutein, an antioxidant that prevents the decay of the eye tissues triggered by free radicals. Specialists recommend consumer awareness for the use of eye vitamins. For example, while beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) can help you fight some serious eye diseases, in the case of smokers it may lead to the development of disease. Beta-carotene and smoking make a dangerous association.

People who have administered eye vitamins have reported improvement of vision ailments, and there is scientific evidence that such supplements reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Antioxidants bring quite a lot of benefits here; thus, vitamin A helps people with myopia, vitamin C prevents or alleviates glaucoma while some essential fatty acids protect the eye against macular damage and alleviate the discomfort of the dry eye syndrome. The use of eye vitamins is not a must for people with very balanced diets.

Leafy greens, nuts, oranges and other yellow fruits are the best sources of eye vitamins. Salmon, mackerel and trout should be part of your weekly diet because they are the main source of fatty acids in nature. You should also know that there are foods that can damage the health of your eyes by creating imbalances in the body system. This is the case with too much refined white flour and carbs. It would be a pity to counteract the effects of eye vitamins with very bad food choices.

Finally, the way you shop for eye vitamins is relevant here. You may come across very tempting product offers on the Internet, yet don’t think of saving money first, and better put your safety and health first. Lots of things are out of your control, and the wrong choice of supplements could have a very serious impact on your health. Try to assimilate nutrients from diet, and talk to your doctor about how necessary supplementation really is.

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Success with Positive daily affirmations

By ContentAuthor | July 3, 2010

Affirmations are a great way for you to achieve attain success, improve your health, meet new people or improve your performance on the job.

While you can find a lot of examples of affirmations and even many sites that provide free daily positive affirmations, the most powerful affirmations come from you. Read the rest of this entry »

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REO Properties Bought With Hard Money Lenders Funding

By ContentAuthor | July 3, 2010

As more and more banks place bank-owned property for sale, a new breed of investors is snapping up these properties at almost ridiculously low prices.  The LTV’s on some of these properties are as low as 25% of the market value and are being sold primarily to investors who are using private hard money lenders.  Individuals purchasing owner-occupied housing is part of the REO properties which are now held by banks, it is apparent that the banks prefer to sell the properties at discount to investors because the closing and funding times are much quicker, making it more feasible for financial institutions and government agencies to recover loan-loss based on prior lending Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Charter A Yacht In The Mediterranean

By ContentAuthor | July 3, 2010

If you are under the impression that to be able to charter a Mediterranean yacht you need to be either a Premiership footballer or a Russian oligarch, then you are simply partly correct.

While it’s true that many high end yacht charters in the Mediterranean are extremely expensive (with rates in excess of 25,000 euros per person/week), there are actually other options which are significantly more affordable. Read the rest of this entry »

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Radio Controlled Electric Gliders

By ContentAuthor | July 3, 2010

If you are searching into building or purchasing and then launching your 1st electric glider, then you have fairly a bit of facts to look at. Unlike the gas motor glider, the electric glider is much quieter, has fewer vibrations, no emissions at all, it is less complicated to maintain and this is why it has been gaining popularity in the recent years. Of course, it also has its own disadvantages: the flights are shorter, the batteries have to be charged rather usually and the gliding speed is hard to manage. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Panic Attacks can be overcome with these remedies

By ContentAuthor | July 3, 2010

Did you know when you are dealing with any kind of panic disorder anybody would likely encounter distress physically at the same time? You may sense as though you’re exhausted continuously and in need a vacation. There’s nothing at all abnormal about getting these kinds of emotions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Taste the Food

By Sean | June 30, 2010

When I was growing up I was fascinated by cooking. Actually that’s not so true come to think of it. I was fascinated by the process and I loved to eat the results.

Fortunately my mother (who did all the cooking in our home) was not the sort to discourage my interest. I’ve got to admit that my fascination was mostly about the machinery involved as well as the process of mixing stuff up and following a map of what to do in order to enjoy some great tasting stuff I could pig out on and drink a gallon of milk with only to come back and repeat the process whenever that bloated, can’t stuff another bite in, feeling subsided just enough to permit disposing of yet more of the refrigerators contents through my digestive system. But that’s entirely another process for a different article.

Don’t get me wrong I was like any other kid who liked to lick out the bowl, lick off the spoons, and lick up just about any other food fragments that landed wherever.

Fast forward to when I moved out on my own at 16 years old. I think I was the only 16 year old I knew who could cook outstanding food that everyone loved and make it taste awesome damn near every time. Sure I experimented a lot and sometimes I didn’t get it just right like the time I tried making cacciatore out of calf tongues. It wasn’t bad but the leftovers got moldy before I had to admit that neither I nor my roommates were going to eat the rest of it. The point is that I was good at cooking from recipes and as I experimented more and more I discovered that I didn’t need recipes to cook great food. Why not? The title of this article should answer that question.

Fast forward to a decade ago when I met my wife. Grace was not that great of a cook when I met her. She was good in the kitchen, (with food I mean) but not great (with food I mean). She had cool ideas but they didn’t always pan out as good as they should have. As I tasted various dishes I’d ask her about the process she’d used — at least 1/2 the time using recipes and the other 1/2 just throwing stuff together like I did. It puzzled me what the key was to helping her pull off better dishes. Then one day she made something that was just bad … not terrible but not that good either. I could not imagine someone spoiling this dish if they’d followed the most basic principles of cooking so I asked her if she tasted the food as she was preparing it. She replied “no”.

At that point I embarked on a discussion where I asked her more questions about how she thought she could make stuff taste good without tasting it. She seemed to figure that mixing up the right stuff in the right quantities — if it looked right — should taste OK. I tried to dissect her train of thought about how that should work but she was not buying it — I mean she genuinely thought I’d lost the plot to suggest that her tasting the food while cooking it would enable her to make better food.

Over time other meals happened that did not taste as good as it should and I’d ask if she tasted it while mixing the ingredients. For quite some time the answer was still “no”. I think it was about 5 years before she was consistent about tasting food.

Then when we were watching the show Kitchen Nightmares one evening Gordon Ramsey asked a chef if he tasted the food as he was preparing it before sending it out. He also replied “no”. There’s Chef Ramsey dressing down a chef who did not taste the food nor see the importance of it. Gordon went ballistic on that chef telling him he was mad to think that he was going to produce great food without tasting it while cooking it.

You can guess that I pointed out that Chef Ramsey seemed to think the way I did. By that time my wife was thoroughly indoctrinated in the “taste the food” gospel so she was not that receptive to my gloating — but nonetheless good humored enough to allow me to enjoy my vindication a little. She makes a lot better food now and she doesn’t need recipes to do so. When I cook a new dish she can taste it once and make it as good or better than me — often the first attempt.

So why this story about tasting the food? I think there is a great story there about trading. When we learn to trade there are some things that will always separate successful traders from unsuccessful ones and also that separates mediocre traders from outstanding ones. The outstanding ones — even during the learning process recognize (sooner or later) the things that need to be done and they do them. Things like a written trading plan, written entry and exit rules, written money management parameters and compounding strategy. Not to mention trade documentation such as a trade journal. Proceeding step by step in the learning process and not being impatient to get there all at once.

In cooking as in trading there are basics that not only need to be learned — but consistently applied. In cooking we begin with recipes to train us how to taste food. There are chefs who never learn from recipes and who never taste the food they are cooking. Perhaps there are some who are even great. But there is no way they learn the scope of the master chefs without employing the fundamental principles and techniques that are essential to become a master chef who can stand up to the scrutiny of the best judges in the world.

And yet dear trader when you trade real money you are immediately trading against the best there is. But the only reason you’ll make any money as an amateur is that there are enough people who are (as a group) sufficiently worse off than you — that you can get a bit of it.

But to trade consistently there are many trades you’ll make where your money is taken from you by the best out there and the only way to take enough trades away from them to rise much beyond break even is to employ every edge you can. Most of the rookies are out there are focused trying to find the best system and they consequently ignore some of the essentials.

Also bear in mind that you need to learn faster than they do because the markets are always changing and to keep up you’ve got to build learning upon learning and never stop. A chef who stops tasting the food is ignoring the most basic feedback tool to help him improve his game and stay abreast of changes in food taste as new farming methods gradually change the taste of our live foods and also alter how those foods react to the seasonings we use in them. So with the markets as they change.

The average trader who actually bothers to read most of the stuff about psychology and rules and such — nods and sees the value in them and thinks about possibly doing that but rules it out for the time being (procrastination) — thinking that by having read and understood the point — that it is as almost good as as if they implemented it. Most of this thinking process passes by almost without the traders conscious recognition of the stupidity of that line of reasoning.

Like one of our members recently said “when you have to write something down it shows up all the holes and flaws in your thinking that you never notice until you are forced to write it out. You can think you have it clear in your mind until you are forced to write it down. Understanding in your mind (the value of writing out your plan) counts for 5 percent of the edge but implementing it (writing it down) counts for 95 percent of it. How many 5 percent’rs are there out there? About 95 percent of you people reading this.

There is nothing easier in trading than reading about trading systems (entry and exit strategies) and pouring over indicators and staring at charts, drawing lines, backtesting, and changing the parameters of your indicators. Doing the easy stuff gets you nowhere but has the illusion of being productive. Jumping from system to system and trading it demo (or worse live) until it gets too tough and overwhelms you — and you think the system was not right for you so you’ll move on until that magic connection happens and you luck into just the right system. Sorry but it doesn’t happen that way.

Trading is a systematic game. But most people don’t have a clue what that means so they focus on the idea of system trading rather than on trading systematically. There is a world of difference. These people do not become systematic in how they trade. They are undisciplined and do what is most interesting, fun, entertaining, or hypnotic — and they procrastinate when it comes to doing the hard stuff and instead become “system addicted”, chart staring, losers. With each new system they are looking for their fix. The conquest of a new idea that might make them rich. Some people call this the “holy grail” search. I just call it unprofessional work habits.

Kind of like the guy who chases girls for the conquest. He is unwilling, unable, and therefore too immature to actually plan a future with someone because he is not interested in long term satisfaction — he’ll take immediate gratification as a substitute and that becomes a destructive habit that makes him less and less capable of being a reliable mate. At 45 he’s out on the ocean snorting coke in a cigarette boat with increasingly dumber 23 year old bimbo’s as he goes bald and his beer gut becomes larger and hairier.

That’s a great metaphor to describe what happens to system junkies. They are always looking for that new system or indicator or mentor or whatever their latest conquest is. Once the reality and tedium of committing to a course of action and pouring their energy into becoming the kind of trader that is sustainably profitable — they cannot stand what it requires of them so they drop it prematurely and move on. They are also attracted to loser systems and the losers that sell them just like the old farts who never grew up are continually attracted to women that are too dumb to see what losers they are but just clever enough to take their money.

So taste the food if you want to make great meals…

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